“Sharp Laboratories of Europe has worked with Darren on three qualitative market research projects in the last two years. The deliverables were of the highest quality and provided some real insights for us into consumer needs. Darren not only very quickly understood our project requirements, but his discussion guides and concepts were very insightful, and the focus groups very skilfully run. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Darren, and he will be my first contact for future projects.”

Martin Tillin, Sharp

“Darren has worked on 3 significant qualitative research projects for me, both at The Children’s Society and at The National Autistic Society; helping us to better understand our audiences, what motivates them to give, and how we can find new donors. He immerses himself completely in the project and cause, brings a broad and intellectual perspective, but most importantly is able to translate insight into achievable solutions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for strategic guidance that’s insight-driven.”

Carolyne Coupel, National Autistic Society

“I have worked with Darren on three very different but significant and complex qualitative research projects. His responsiveness and ability to grasp the issues quickly and expertly is impressive. He is also a very skilled and personable focus group facilitator. Through his research and intelligent interpretation of this, Darren has brought invaluable and much-needed insight to areas of our business, and he is a delight to work with. The spontaneous round of applause he received after a recent research presentation speaks for itself!”

Kathryn Quinton, Alzheimer’s Society

“Our company has had a long, fruitful and enjoyable relationship with Darren. He is a key research partner for the business. The high quality of his work allows our insight team to thoroughly answer objectives, and for marketing stakeholders to develop effective strategies that resonate with consumers.

“No matter what the timescale given, Darren is positive and responsive, never failing to deliver. He is incredibly knowledgeable about our industry and on up-to-date methods and the latest thinking on a wide range of subjects. Also he is a friendly and fun guy – which not only puts respondents at ease, but makes him one of those team members you are happy to see in a meeting!”

John Bevan, ITUK